Select Safaris - Select the Best

SIX-EPISODE SERIES** with Select Safaris and Jan du Plessis. Starting January 01, 2018 at the start of Season Six. Another huge thanks to PH Bart Grove for his help during filming. Enjoy this small teaser!

Episode 1: Host Kent Michie pursues South Africa's largest antelope species the Cape Eland with Select Safaris. They may be as big as our Canadian Moose, however that doesn't make them an easy hunt as Kent will soon find out.

Episode 2: The boys are hunting the rim edge habitat of the gorges in South Africa. Kent is targeting one of the smallest antelope species, the klipspringer. Dean, however, is hunting one of the most beautiful African species the nyala. Time to tighten up the hikers.

Episode 3: It's time to hit the waterholes in South Africa with Select Safaris. Kent and Dean are targeting probably two of the most iconic plains game species in Africa the blue wildebeest and warthog. Patience is the game!