Expropriation of Land in South Africa

PHASA released a statement about the expropriation of land in South Africa. Please download and read through it. We know that this would comfort you about any uncertainties you may have about land expropriations in South Africa. As new information comes to light about this subject we will also make it availible to you. Below is a response that Mark Philip Malcolm Horn wrote about the expropriation of our land. All the information is also available on our Facebook Page with links to the original posts.

Withdrawal of Certain Findings for ESA-listed Species Taken as Sport-Hunted Trophies

In response to a recent D.C. Circuit Court opinion, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is revising its procedure for assessing applications to import certain hunted species. We are withdrawing our countrywide enhancement findings for a range of species across several countries. In their place, the Service intends to make findings for trophy imports on an application-by-application basis. For the full memo click here. For more information visit the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service website.